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Flared Shift Dress

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About Us

Why we're called "MYSTERY OF FASHION"

For starters, it makes a great pun on the word ’MYSTERY’, since we present; Quality’ stuff. But more specifically, MOF was congenital of the idea of offering “perfection and Quality”. Our philosophy is its all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and family and Family.

We, at MOF, love what we do, designs, marketing products and everything in between, it is rightly said that “a man is known by his dress and address, our goal is to provide an individual’s dressing sense which enhances the volume of his/her character and personality. So, whether its jeans, shirts, shorts, joggers or jackets your looking for, we have something special for everyone. Because each person is a special and they deserve the most unique merchandise available out here! If you relate to the passion, we believe in following one’s heart (Soul), hop along on the wonderful journey of ours and help us spread the love!



We’re a bunch of Fashion loving, lame joke cracking and slightly weird but largely likeable people. We love what we do and don’t take our selves too seriously. This company was started by a handful of people, with a cupboard full of the clothes (probably the size of your wardrobe). We’re now grown to a decent team and graduated from cupboard to ware houses, but really that’s changes, we’re still childishly excited about everything we do from random post it wall, to unnecessary instructions outside the bathroom door.

And we try and ensure that this philosophy resonates with all those who come and join our family. So, if your bored of your current desk job and believe that ‘work’ does not necessarily have to be a boring word, look no further we’d love to have you on board.