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Flared Shift Dress

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1) How do I return my product?

      Please login with your credentials and visit the My Account section. Select the order you want to return and click on Return/Exchange and follow the instructions on this page to obtain a Return ID. You can also view the Return creation Demo under the My Account section on your phone.

2) What is the return policy?

     At MOF, we have  an absolutely friendly and very flexible return policy. If you do not find the product satisfying, you can return it as long as the following conditions are met: It should be unused. You can wear it to check for fit and comfort, making sure that all smell does not transfer to the product (naturally body odor, body deodorant, perfume, etc.).

3) Does the return policy change for any MOF promotions?

    At times the return policy may vary. To get the exact information, always refer to the term and conditions of the promotion running at that time. That said, we always strive to keep our policies as flexible and customer-friendly as possible.

4) Can I return the product to the delivery person if I did not like it?

    Please don’t do that! We have a very flexible policy where you can create returns on the app, website, or by giving us a call. To avoid any confusion or delays, our courier partners are instructed to not accept a package as a return while performing a package delivery.

5) How to get a refund for cash on delivery in the bank account?

     Please update your bank account bank details while creating a return. For detailed instructions, please check our return creation.

6) Why did my bank transfer request fail?

     This happens very rarely, only if we encounter a technical glitch while processing your refund. Don’t worry! You can still get your amount in the bank account by visiting the Orders details page and re-submitting the bank account details. In case this is still falling, it may be due to: 1. Incorrect accounts details 2. Restrictions on account by the Bank if so, your bank will be able to fix it for you. In case the issue persists, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

7) Did I get my shipping charges refunded in case of return?

     If you have returned all the products in your order, you will be refunded the entire shipping change If you return the order partially, the shipping charges will be returned on a pro-rated basis.

8) Do I have to return the whole order?

     Not at all! You do not need to return the whole order. Just return the orders you don’t want.

9) When is the refund of my return provided ID?

    Once the Return ID is generated, we share a promised pick-up date. By that date, your return order will be picked up. We also notify you of the estimated refund date as soon as the Return ID is generated.

10) I haven't received my refund amount yet. Please help!

     Once the returned product has been picked up, you will be notified of the promised date of refund. Before this date, a refund should get initiated. Once initiated, it should reflect in your account based on your mode of payment.

11) My area is not serviceable for return, how do I return my order?

      We strive to service all pin codes in India for forward and reverse delivery. But don't worry, even if your pin code is not serviceable, you can still return the product by shipping it to us. In some cases, you can also drop the returned item at one of our Trends stores. Please login and select the relevant order for more details.

12) Will I get back what I paid if I return the product?

      We promise to refund the entire amount paid for the product, including any taxes that were paid - no strings attached! The mode of refund depends on the mode of payment for the order.

13) Why is my return put on hold?

     That's just because we need some additional information. A return request can be on hold or pending verification if our system doesn’t recognize the EAN entered by you while creating a return. Don’t worry, typically in such cases we call you within 48 hours to check and assist accordingly.

14) When will the return order be picked up?

     Once the Return ID is generated, we share a promised pick-up date. By that date, your return order will be picked up. We also notify you of the estimated refund date as soon as the Return ID is generated.